We are pleased to introduce version 12.3 of our ChemDoodle 2D software. This update is free for all ChemDoodle subscriptions, Lifetime and Site licenses. Licenses are as little as $19, and we have a free trial available at: https://www.chemdoodle.com/


Many new features have been added in v12.3.

Executive Summary

A number of notable features are included in ChemDoodle 2D v12.3.0. More repeat unit rendering options, context menu controls for changing bond z-orders, a new algorithm for automatically applying bond z-orders based on wedges, subtoken character alignment, conjugated chain resonance curve rendering, a JPEG image quality output option, and more.


  1. Repeat units can now be rendered as parenthesis, curly brackets and chevrons in addition to square brackets.
  2. Repeat units may now be set to enclose the shortest paths between the two defined bracket bonds, leading to aligned rectangular braces. Aligned bracket graphics may preferable for some users, but this style is not appropriate for all cases. Please see section 9.15.6 of the ChemDoodle user guide for more information.
  3. You may now move overlapping bonds forward, backward, to the front and to the back using the right click menu. The forward and backward options will only be enabled for bonds currently existing in an overlap. See section of the user guide.
  4. There is a new function using the Structure>Auto-layer Bonds by Wedges menu item to automatically correct the z-layout of overlapping bonds in structures containing wedges. Please see section
  5. Subtoken character alignment. ChemDoodle now allows you to align mutli-character tokens by edge characters depending on the attached bonds. There are several modes for this style: Never, Only Terminal, Optimized and Always. Optimized aligns by edge or center depending on the bond environment. This will produce clearer and more attractive graphics in many cases, as more of the bond line is exposed. However, symmetry will be reduced, so the style is set to Never by default. Input ChemDraw CDX/CDXML files will have the style set to Optimized, to match the rendering engine for ChemDraw. See section 4.8.3 of the user guide.
  6. ChemDoodle can now render chains of resonance bonds using a unified dashed curve for more attractive graphics. Please see section 13.15.3.
  7. The auto-updating labels interface now provides a set of checkboxes to add multiple labels at once. The order in which the checkboxes are selected will be the order that the updating labels appear in, from top to bottom.
  8. The atom circle radius style may now be set to 0, excluding the circle rendering from any output images.
  9. You may now control the image quality for output JPEG images. JPEG is a lossy format, so a lower quality will result in a smaller file, but worse image.
  10. Added a Default Document Scale setting (in the Appearance panel of the Settings window) for newly created and opened documents.
  11. Smaller widget title bar interface elements on Windows (macOS widget elements were already in utility mode).
  12. Improvements to CIR/OSR interpretation involving short double bonds.
  13. More 2D clean templates added.
  14. Menu item icons have been updated and are now resolution-less. More menu item icons have been added where multiple choices will benefit from them.


  1. Fixed bug where in a document with multiple pages, right-click worked only on the first page.
  2. Shape arrange menu items are now enabled/disabled depending on their z-order for better feedback.
  3. Terminal labels are now also offset around terminal resonance bonds for centered graphics.
  4. Pasting descriptors using the Structure>Descriptor menu items will now appropriately place the resulting labels to avoid overlaps.
  5. Corrected the conversion of pusher shapes into bezier arrows.
  6. Pusher arrowheads now properly adhere to the arrowhead sculpt style.
  7. Arrowables now show the arrowhead sculpt style in the individual styles dialog.
  8. Subtitles in settings panels are now easier to discern.
  9. Placing attributes on bonds can now be modified before releasing the mouse button.
  10. Fixed issue where auto-updating labels for IUPAC names did not update if coordinate changes resulted in a different name, eg. E->Z for an alkene.
  11. The Settings>Styles>Page>Text font size styles will now properly update selections in real time.
  12. Changing style sheet fonts can now be properly cancelled.
  13. Hovering over automatic shapes now shows a pointer cursor instead of an open hand cursor.
  14. Opening the style sheet window is now mapped to the ctrl+L (cmd on macOS) keyboard shortcut.
  15. Fixed issue where some settings dialogs would appear really long, or may cutoff some parts on the right side.
  16. The TLC widget styles button has been changed to the appropriate styles icon.
  17. Corrected issue where the Symbols widget unicode characters insert multiple times into text fields.
  18. Updated OPSIN to v2.8.