We are pleased to introduce version 11.4 of our ChemDoodle 2D software. This update is free for all ChemDoodle subscribers, Lifetime and Site licenses. Licenses are as little as $18, and we have a free trial available at: https://www.chemdoodle.com/


An industry leading chemical image recovery feature is included in this update, allowing you to recover chemical information from images of molecules.

Executive Summary

ChemDoodle 2D v11.4 is a feature and stability update. The main new feature is chemical image recovery, allowing you to recover chemical drawings for further edit from chemical images.


  1. ChemDoodle now has the ability to recreate a chemical drawing from an image of a molecule, recovering the original chemical data. This function is performed using the File>Recover from Image... menu item. This function is different from inserting the image as inserting an image provides you with just a graphic, while recovering the chemical drawing allows you to regain access to the chemical information to use or edit further. We call this function Chemical Image Recovery (CIR). Some may also refer to this function as Optical Structure Recognition (OSR). For more information, please see section 15.10 of the ChemDoodle 2D User Guide.
  2. Improved handling of implicit/explicit hydrogens in condensed labels. Handling of hydrogens with a plus immediately after in condensed labels are now properly understood.
  3. Page counts are now handled in CDX/CDXML output.
  4. When creating ChemDoodle Web Components, you now have the option of including all compatible content in the current document, if applicable.
  5. Updated the ChemDoodle Web Components library to v9.2.


  1. The user guide is no longer provided in the product download to reduce bandwidth. You may still access the user guide at any time online, and if you download it and place it in the docs folder in the ChemDoodle installation folder, ChemDoodle will open the downloaded file instead of forwarding you to the website to download again.
  2. Fixed bug where formula cells in stoichiometry forms continued to duplicate label content on every table update.
  3. Editing stoichiometry forms now shows an eraser icon to clear the cell, instead of a close icon.
  4. Corrected the tolyl abbreviation definition.
  5. Corrected autoconnect issues when using chain tools and shortcuts.
  6. Corrected the display of red circles to indicate autoconnections in some overlap cases for the optimize zone.
  7. Fixed error when an image is saved of a blank document, now a default 1x1 dimension will be used for automatically sized output. For custom sized output, the custom size will be used. Corrected errors that occured when the preview components attempted to render an empty image.
  8. Fixed bug where border buffer considerations were not being doubled for preview dimensions.
  9. Labels are now expanded when querying SciFinder-n. Recent connection issues to SciFinder-n have been resolved.
  10. Adjusted the Window>Collect Windows menu item to not push widgets off screen.
  11. Corrected issue where the default file dialog location was the present working directory, it has been corrected to the user Documents folder; workspace reset now resets the file dialog locations to the Documents folder.
  12. Corrected issue where if a file dialog was cancelled, and no file saved, the default file dialog location would revert to the present working directory; now, no change will occur with the location memory.