There is a new feature update to ChemDoodle 2D today. Please see below for changes. These new updates require our new subscription (or lifetime) licenses, which can be purchased in our store. Site licenses get free access to the latest updates. To download the latest versions, please visit our download page. As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or bug reports concerning iChemLabs software, please contact us.

Executive Summary

This update includes a number of features, and improves several aspects of the application. We continue to improve our 2D structure cleaning algorithm, this time with a focus on structures with unavoidable overlaps when standard angles and lengths are used. ChemDoodle can now accept pastes of ChemDraw® PDF on macOS, recovering the original ChemDraw data; this essentially allows you to recover chemical data from ChemDraw images pasted into programs like Microsoft Office on macOS. A number of other smaller features is included based on customer feedback. This update is recommended for all users.


  1. Significant improvements to the 2D structure cleaning algorithm. Mainly, much better output for structures where regular angles and lengths would lead to overlaps.
  2. Recover chemical data from ChemDraw images pasted into other applications (such as Microsoft Office) on macOS by directly copying and pasting that image into ChemDoodle.
  3. You can now insert the output from the Elemental Analysis widget into the document as a table object.
  4. Domain and range parameters for spectra can now be manually entered when editing spectrum perspectives, in addition to the slider controls.
  5. When placing bonds on atoms, the Optimize Zone now favors the least hindered option when there are several best angles.
  6. Better label centering on terminal double bond ends when rendered asymmetrically.
  7. The resolution of calculations in auto-updating labels can now be controlled in the Preferences window, in the Functions tab, in the Calculations section.
  8. Units for calculations in auto-updating labels can now be excluded in the Preferences window, in the Functions tab, in the Calculations section.
  9. Improved scroll speed sensitivity, and added a new setting to control this sensitivity in the Preferences window, in the General tab, in the Accessibility>Interface section.


  1. Continued refinement of ChemDraw file interpretation: corrected negative absolute bond spacing values from input files, corrected incorrect interpretation of bold width settings on shapes, improvements reading in rotated text, improvements for bond overlap buffers, corrected error related to blank labels.
  2. Greatly improved PDF support for inserting PDF images, as well as resolved issues with copy/paste and save/load of PDF files.
  3. EPS support of fonts with spaces (if applicable).
  4. Resolved issue where double bonds stereochemistry was not retained when cleaning structures where a double bond connected to a ring.
  5. Cleaning now resets attribute auto-placement on lone atoms.
  6. Fixed issue where ignoring stereochemistry when cleaning had no effect.
  7. Moving auto-updating labels and undoing now sets it back to recentering again.
  8. Moving autoplaced attribute and undoing now sets it to automatic layout again.
  9. Fixed issue where centering atoms and bonds with attributes that were not autoplaced would not be able to be undone (just attribute location).
  10. Cleaning structures and resetting attributes now correctly remembers autoplace values for undo/redo.
  11. Aligning and centering label shapes now correctly takes into account bounds, not just the start point, regardless of label alignment.
  12. Improved table hovering with selection tools where separators interfered with centers of cells with column and row spans greater than 1.
  13. Copying tables now properly rechecks graphics.
  14. Resolved issue where cyclobutadiene double bonds were not rendered symmetrically.
  15. Conform document and changing document size actions now correctly recheck object out-of-bounds warnings.
  16. Formatting label shapes no longer shows irrelevant properties.
  17. Fixed the incorrect layout of settings in the Preferences Functions pane.
  18. Undo and redo actions now cancel the current drawing action if performed mid-action.
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