iChemLabs, the developer of the popular ChemDoodle chemical drawing program, and ChemExper, a leading provider of chemical databases on the internet are excited to announce a partnership that will provide significant benefits to customers.

Piscataway, NJ – June 15, 2010 – iChemLabs, a developer of chemical software for students and professionals, announces a strategic partnership with ChemExper. iChemLabs has integrated ChemDoodle with the ChemExper database to search for pre-drawn chemical structures through the innovative MolGrabber widget and to find chemical suppliers for molecules of interest. ChemExper has designated ChemDoodle as the chemical drawing tool of choice for ChemExper users, and has integrated ChemDoodle Web Components into the ChemExper website.

Kevin Theisen, President of iChemLabs, states “ChemExper is a popular database and providing direct, easy access from ChemDoodle produces significant benefits for both users of ChemDoodle and ChemExper. ChemDoodle is quickly becoming a business critical tool used daily in companies, universities, and research labs. As our user base grows, companies providing chemical services, such as ChemExper, will see a marked increase in access to their services.”

Luc Patiny, Director of ChemExper, adds “ChemDoodle is the chemical drawing tool of choice for ChemExper and is the recommended tool for ChemExper users. ChemDoodle works on all operating systems and has one of the largest feature sets in the industry. Its attractive and liberal licensing ensures that a powerful drawing program is available for collaborators and their users.”

ChemDoodle is available for download immediately. New users can request a free 30 day trial at https://www.chemdoodle.com. ChemExper is hosted at http://www.chemexper.com.

About iChemLabs, LLC.:
iChemLabs, LLC. is a scientific software company specializing in all forms of computational chemistry including NMR simulation, chemical visualization, and chemical informatics.

About ChemExper, Inc.:
ChemExper Inc. provides services in the areas of chemistry, computer science and telecommunication. Since its founding in 1998, ChemExper has freely provided a leading database of chemical information on the internet and has become the chemical search engine of choice for main chemical suppliers including Acros Organics, Alfa Aesar and Fisher Scientific.

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