iPhone OS 4 was released this afternoon and fixes a number of issues for the HTML5 ChemDoodle Web Components on iPhone OS platforms. Canvas text is now correctly drawn and animations now run more smoothly. ChemDoodle Web Components now render graphics properly on all iPhone OS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. ChemDoodle Web Components allow you to easily script or show dynamic chemical graphics and animations on mobile devices in addition to all browsers on all operating systems, all with a single written webpage for truly universal deployment. Providing chemical graphics through HTML5 is essential as Flash is not functional on iPhone devices and Java applets do not work on any mobile devices.

ChemDoodle Web Components are open source under the GPL v3.0 license and can be used for free by anyone abiding by the license. ChemDoodle desktop is a very popular, cross-platform chemical graphics and publishing tool and can create ChemDoodle Web Components for you so you do not need to learn any Javascript or HTML5.