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Advanced SciFindern searches are now immediately accessible to ChemDoodle users to increase workflow efficiency.

Columbus, Ohio (January 6, 2020) - CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, continues its partnership with iChemLabs to optimize the efficiency of chemical structure searching and drawing in SciFindern using ChemDoodle®.  Built on the trusted CAS content collection, SciFindern is a new caliber of chemical intelligence with remarkably relevant search, incredible ease of use and answers you can take right to the lab.

ChemDoodle is a popular chemical drawing desktop application used by thousands of institutions in over 100 countries for creating publication-quality graphics, handling chemistry data and performing advanced cheminformatics functions. Starting with ChemDoodle 10, new tools are included for directly querying substances, reactions, references and suppliers in SciFindern. ChemDoodle has an easy-to-use interface for drawing molecules and reactions and with the ability to read many essential chemistry file formats, it facilitates quick investigation of chemical data across the vast SciFindern content collection.

“We are proud to extend our collaboration with CAS to introduce a direct integration of our desktop ChemDoodle software with SciFindern” said Kevin Theisen, President, iChemLabs, LLC. “Our focus is to provide the best experience for chemistry researchers. By streamlining the communication between ChemDoodle and SciFindern, this integration increases researchers’ efficiency and optimizes the workflow between these popular applications.”

SciFindern, the newest, most advanced member of the SciFinder® family, provides scientists access to the latest disclosed research, enabling them to work more productively, creatively and confidently.  SciFindern provides the world’s most comprehensive and accurate collection of references, substances, reactions, and commercial suppliers curated by scientific experts. Users can search patent and journal references by keywords, as well as by chemical structure or reaction, utilizing a state of the art, chemically aware relevance engine designed to provide fast access to the most relevant, actionable information, including step-by-step synthetic procedures and chemically annotated patent documents.

“Chemists desire a seamless workflow experience, and CAS is committed to delivering that for our customers through partnerships with leading technology providers such as iChemLabs.” said Tim Wahlberg, Vice President of Product Management at CAS. “Many SciFindern users have embraced the ChemDoodle experience already embedded in SciFindern. Extending this integration to incorporate the full ChemDoodle desktop experience for our common customers will make it even easier for them to get the answers they need to optimize the productivity of their research.”  

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About iChemLabs

iChemLabs, LLC is a scientific software company excelling in cheminformatics algorithms, visualization and graphics, and groundbreaking technologies such as HTML5/Canvas/WebGL. iChemLabs produces the popular ChemDoodle brand of chemical software, used by thousands of institutions in over 100 countries. SciFinder utilizes the ChemDoodle Web Components library from iChemLabs for the chemical sketcher and the ChemDoodle Java API from iChemLabs for SVG graphics output and other algorithms. (