Over the last couple months, we have received countless requests to provide small business proprietary licensing options for the ChemDoodle Web Components 2D Sketcher. Many want to take advantage of the high quality, platform independence, breadth of features and mobile support that only the ChemDoodle Web Components can provide. Another large group wants to switch from one particular poor-quality Java applet. We are happy to finally announce our ChemDoodle Web Sketcher product, specifically priced and created for small business. Starting at only $99, these sketcher options allow developers to quickly add a chemical sketcher to their web page to interact with users who will find it very easy to use and may already be familiar with the ChemDoodle brand name. This is a continuation of our dedication to providing the scientific industry with the highest quality software and interfaces at very affordable prices.

For specific information, please visit the ChemDoodle Web Sketcher page. In order to make things very simple to use, the ChemDoodle Web Sketcher is not the same as the ChemDoodle Web Components library. Instead, the ChemDoodle Web Sketcher is a separate product created from the ChemDoodle Web Components and provides streamlined functions for creating and interacting with sketcher instances. As such, it has no access to the API, but most developers do not need such power, and this helps us keep the price very low. The sketcher instances of course, are identical in every way to the 2D Sketcher in the ChemDoodle Web Components library.

Take advantage of the ChemDoodle Web Sketcher today for your small business! It is the highest quality HTML5 option and you wont find a better price anywhere else. The recognition and user-friendliness associated with the ChemDoodle family of sketchers will instantly be familiar to your users and help to bring in new customers.