We are pleased to announce that ChemDoodle 5 is now available.

ChemDoodle 5 includes significant new features and improvements, including:

  1. Round-trip editing on Windows via OLE. (Round-trip editing is already provided on Mac OS X)
  2. Round-trip editing on Linux!
  3. A revamped shape system for much easier and more precise manipulation of shapes, especially in crowded figures.
    Also a new quick colors button to now quickly change colors of objects.
  4. Bezier curves for complex shapes and mechanisms.
  5. Fragmentation tools.
  6. More functions for handling chemical data on the clipboard.
  7. File chooser previews.
  8. 77 new glassware templates!
  9. Hundreds of other features and improvements.

This upgrade is free to anyone who purchased ChemDoodle on or after April 14, 2012. Anyone who purchased prior to that, will get ChemDoodle 5 for 50% off.

To purchase the upgrade, click on the purchase upgrade link when prompted in ChemDoodle, then follow the instructions to update. Or, you may purchase through our website at this page: https://www.chemdoodle.com/buy-upgrade/

We hope you have enjoyed ChemDoodle and we look forward to continue to bring you the best chemical publishing software. ChemDoodle has a growing userbase and is used by thousands of institutions in over 70 countries. Of course, we could not have gone this far without the support of individuals such as yourself. Please continue to help us spread the word and improve ChemDoodle by telling your friends, colleagues and students about us.