A few announcements about ChemDoodle Web Components. Contact us for custom development, integration and support to take advantage of this technology for your business.

  • Version 3.5.1 has been released. Details of the update can be found in the list below.
  • Development on our sketching component, SketcherCanvas, is progressing well. Expect to have access to a full range of chemical sketching functions with this component as well as an aesthetic interface that integrates seamlessly with websites. Note that this will be the only sketcher in pure HTML5/Canvas/WebGL technologies, and the only one that is open source.
  • The recent iOS 4.2.1 update brought iPad HTML5/Canvas rendering up to par with the iPhone. Rendering on iPads is now perfect, as shown in the following screenshot. Using ChemDoodle Web Components, one can make captivating, powerful and rich scientific applications for deployment across iOS and Android devices!

iPad Rendering

Flawless Rendering on iPad

Flawless Rendering on iPad

Update v3.5.1

Executive Summary

This is a minor update, adding the ability to render isotope mass values as well as providing a few bug fixes and improvements.


  1. Isotope mass values are now displayed in the appropriate position next to atom labels. This value is defined by the Atom.mass variable. By default it is -1; the attribute will be rendered if this variable is set to a positive value. The Element class now holds an additional variable, Element.mass, which defines the integer value for the mass of the most abundant isotope of the element. The MDLInterpreter class now reads and writes isotope mass values.


  1. Changed all calls to jQuery from $. to jQuery. to avoid conflicts with other 3rd party libraries that may be in use.
  2. Updated font selections on the overview pages to better suit macs and mobile devices.
  3. Removed redundant parseInt calls in MDLInterpreter.
  4. Removed unneccessary variable declarations.
  5. Updated the calculation of mobile event locations in accordance with the iOS 4.2 update.
  6. Fixed issue where a mobile touch event would be registered after a gesture, causing irregular behavior in components on mobile devices.
  7. Added a fallback message to the canvas tags to be displayed if the browser in use does not support HTML5/Canvas. This should be an exceedingly rare occurance now.
  8. Updated jQuery to version 1.4.4. No changes were required.
  9. jQuery plugins in the ChemDoodleWeb-libs.js file are now labelled clearly. If you need to remove jQuery from the libs file, make sure to retain the plugins as those are still required for ChemDoodle Web Components to operate properly.